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Merchant Service

Connect to all banks, open up bank payment channels, provide merchants with flexible and diverse payment functions, and provide merchants with data center-based marketing and promotion services. Deliver safe and stable payment channels and efficient clearing and settlement services, as well as financial value-added services.


broad range of services including catering, hotel, retail, education, automobile and other industries provides merchants with safe and efficient money receive services and marketing support.

  • Catering industry

  • Hotel industry

  • Retail industry

  • Education industry

  • Car industry

Catering industry

Hotel industry

Retail industry

Education industry

Car industry

Speedy money receive

Speedy money receive, one-stop service, compatible with old and new payment methods, Debit, Credit cards swipe and contactless payment supports, and also provides scan code payment methods to improve the efficiency of merchant sales and earn more revenue.

Speedy clearing

Speedy clearing, safe, efficient, and accurate. Provides a variety of flexible and efficient clearing services, and guarantees timely and sufficient funds for merchants. At the same time, provides safe, worry-free, convenient accounting data for merchants, free funds in and out.

Speedy Finance

Relying on PaySpeed's powerful financial market operation capabilities, it provides merchants with a variety of asset value-added services. Merchants can choose to deposit idle funds in different fund accounts to win the future. Merchant's account flow information can be used as financial credit materials to apply for loans. PaySpeed will always be the merchant's most credible and most reliable escort partner.

Speedy marketing

Relying on massive data and intelligent data analysis technology, giant data center can provide merchants with precise marketing services to customer such as, convince talk , close follow up, payment guidance and return purchase through advertising push, coupon push, and point saving system, etc.

Want more ways

to concatenate?

Payspeed provides API, SDK and technical documentation to make it easy to manage sales information through merchant background. Please contact customer service for confirmation of connection technology and documentation.

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